Virtual Service Management Office

Virtual Service Management Office.

Virtual Service Management Office (vSMO)

We accomplish partnered success by leveraging industry standards and best practices and applying them to your organization’s unique environment.
Our vSMO’s team of experts carry the responsibility of establishing defined metrics and providing critical analysis to drive decisions in your enterprise.
vSMO & Continuous Improvement .
As organizations embrace the value and importance of digital transformation , the role of service management is forced to evolve.
This evolution derives from increased enterprise challenge s:Every business is a tech business.
Data-driven decisions are no longer a “nice to have”.
Frictionless experience is the norm.
Time to value supersedes time to market.
The value of outcomes has surpassed the value of products.

The day of the Internet of Things (IoT) is here!

Key leadership and roles need to be employed into an organization , our vSMO is built to ensure readiness for this change and cycle of evolution with objectives focus around:Governance for ITSM Practices – establishment & management of policies and plans.

Focused Communities of Practice (CoP) collaboration

Process definition, implementation, day to day management, and improvement .
Ensure continual improvement through define, implementation , and management of processes that meet business needs (including enterprise reporting, KPIs, performance, etc).
Map process interfaces and dependencies ensuring alignment and integration to business needs.
Communication & Training.
Our user-centric model was built to capture and assess the sentiment of end-users, business functions, and management ensuring data-driven decisions and successful driven outcomes while delivering a continuous improvement of service delivery..
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