RabbitMQ: Change the Host nam e. WARNING: ALL THE RABBITMQ DATA WILL BE LOST WITH THIS OPERATION . Please backup your rabbitmq database before doing this (check the documentation about ). If you change the name of the machine where RabbitMQ server is installed you will see that the service will no longerContinue Reading

Downloads. Version 1.1 release. BugNET is currently a version 1.1 release We invite participation by the developer community in shaping the project’s direction, so that we can publicly validate our designs and development approach. Our 1.1 release is available from our BugNET CodePlex site, and is easy to set up on your local machine. BugNET 1.1.Continue Reading

Primary Menu. Another Blog. If you’re a man, or otherwise interested in men’s health issues, check out my new blog: I also have social media for the new blog, so you can follow on and. A Village Of HealingGMs Reference Library 2 thoughts on “Another Blog” Alex Schroeder August 27,Continue Reading